Ha! First blog.

Currently preparing a small ebook of some of my favourite poems that I have written over the years. The title is ‘Anawim Dreaming’

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4 Responses to Ha! First blog.

  1. iciamolloy says:

    Now, I just have to discover how to change font size.

  2. Faris Daoud says:

    Congratulations on your new blog that I discovered while browsing your name in the internet. Thank you for your ‘Baked Apples on the Tree’ which I finished reading lately. Your decision to take a new course last year has inspired me to join RMIT University next semester.

    • iciamolloy says:

      Thank you. I am still in the early stages of learning how to organise and work with the blogsite.
      Last semester we had to make an ebook, so I made one of 25 poems which is a free download.
      If you would like to read it, google ‘Anawim Dreaming’ and select second entry from the top.
      I’m glad my decision has inspired you to join RMIT. The full-time study has been very challenging,
      but so worthwhile.
      Regards, Icia

  3. Faris Daoud says:

    Perhaps you meant the third entry from the top ‘To a Brother in Spirit.’ I read it first and plan to read the remaining poems soon. Am not in a position to be a critic of your poetry but I still like your older poem ‘Sydney’ most.
    Regards, Faris

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